Whenever the rights of Virginia’s motorcyclists are threatened by proposed legislation or our safety is compromised by dangerous highway maintenance practices, VCOM steps up to make our case to the right people and correct these situations. VCOM has a track record of successes to show its effectiveness in telling our story (check out Legislation, News, and Public Service), but there’s more to do. Defending our right to ride and our safety continues to be an ongoing battle.

The good news is, thanks to VCOM’s visibility at the State Capitol, Virginia’s power brokers now recognize motorcyclists as an important constituency – a force to be reckoned with!

Now, it’s important that we maintain our momentum and keep our issues — and our rights – on the political agenda. To do this, we need your help now.

Why Support VCOM?

As a VCOM supporter, you are allied with other Virginia motorcyclists in sanctioning your own political action committee (PAC) to speak up for you and your right to ride at the state legislature.

Every rider is affected when laws are passed restricting motorcyclists’ rights. By supporting VCOM, you demonstrate that you are aware, interested, and concerned about your elected officials’ voting records on issues that impact motorcyclists.

Most importantly, 100% of your financial support to VCOM is dedicated to making your concerns known to state and local officials and lobbying members of the General Assembly in defense of your right to ride freely and safely. Because VCOM’s founder, Tom McGrath, believes strongly in the need for VCOM and its work, he underwrites the organization’s overhead and other expenses.

And there’s more…

VCOM email alerts keep you up to date on legislation and other actions that affect your rights. Also, when critical issues arise, you’ll receive the information you need to contact our local representatives to express your views.

A handsome VCOM lapel pin, a sticker, and a reflectorized patch identify you as a rider concerned with motorcyclists’ rights.

Motorcycle Lobby Day at the Virginia General Assembly shows your legislators and the public that Virginia’s motorcyclists are informed voters proactively protecting their right to ride.

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