Delegate Scott Lingamfelter Fourth of July Parade

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter has requested 50 motorcycles for the 4th of July Parade in Dale City this year. As you know, Scott is one of our strongest supporters in the House of Delegates. When we take another stab at helmet reform it will go through the committee that he chairs.

We will meet in Dale City at 8:30 am. The parade will be over by 11:30 am, leaving plenty of time to get home for most of us. His office will give me more details soon and I will pass them along.

Jim and I are going. If you can make it please email me and let me know. Also let me know if you are bringing anyone. Please don’t email me if you think you can make it but are not 100 % sure. We need to provide a hard number to the Delegate’s office. I don’t want to tell his office that we will have 30 motorcycles and only have ten shoow up. We need to make a good showing for one of our strongest supporters. Your help is needed.