Bill Introduced to Exempt Motorcycles from Paying Tolls

Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas of Portsmouth has introduced SB697 which would allow motorcyclists to use Virginia toll roads free of charge. The pertinent language of the bill reads as follows:

“Any motorcycle operated by the holder of a valid driver’s license issued by the Commonwealth or any other state shall be allowed free use of all toll bridges, toll roads, and other toll facilities in the Commonwealth.”

Previous attempts at similar legislation have been met with strong opposition by a legislative body that frowns on removing transportation funding sources of any kind. We expect similar opposition to this bill.

You may follow the progress of this bill and read the entire text at the following link:

VCOM will keep you updated on the status of this bill along with any other bills affecting Virginia motorcyclists. If you have any questions or comments concerning this legislative year please do not hesitate to contact VCOM.