Virginia Motorcyclist Appointed

Tom McGrath, Richmond attorney, has been appointed by Governor Mark Warner to represent motorcyclists on the Commonwealth Transportation Safety Board (CTSB).Tom will be the first member to represent motorcyclists as his primary function. Motorcyclists were previously represented by John Mazaa, who held the aviation seat and took on the role of representing motorcycles as a secondary function. We owe John our thanks for the work he has done for us, as well as setting the groundwork for a full-time representation on the Board.

Tom has spent many years in Richmond specializing in the needs of motorcyclists. His dedication to motorcycling brought him to the Capitol where he recognized a need to have full time-political representation and founded the Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists (VCOM) in 1992. We’ve had a strong voice at the legislature ever since. Tom has also been very involved in other areas of motorcycling: working with VDOT to open the HOV lanes to motorcyclists, developing signs to alert motorcyclists of hazards like edge traps, milled pavement, and open joints. Tom is currently working with VDOT on toll booth safety issues, and is always working with DMV and the Virginia Rider Training Program to meet the needs of new riders.

Tom’s appointment is the result of persistence on the part of Bob Crouch, the Governor’s Counsel and former Chief Deputy Secretary of Public Safety. The CTSB is in charge of reviewing and awarding federal grants for highway safety projects and ongoing programs, . For example, the Virginia Rider Training program gets some money for awareness programs and equipment needs. Some monies go to VCU for motorcycle accident investigation training. The list goes on. With a motorcyclist on the Board, we now know our voice will be heard, and our needs will not go unnoticed.