Motorcycle Auxiliary Light Bill Passes Out of Sub-Committee

Our Auxiliary light bill, HB 939, passed out of House Sub-Committee # 1 with the help of the Sub-Committee Chairman, Delegate Scott Garrett. The many emails sent by motorcyclists on this list was crucial to getting out of sub-committee. When we know the date we will be going to the full House Transportation Committee we will post the emails of all of the committee members.

This bill would allow motorcyclists to utilize auxiliary lighting, such as LED accent lighting, in order to be more visible at night. Current Virginia law requires that all lighting be approved by the superintendent of the Virginia State Police. That means that all lighting must go through an approval process. The vast majority of smaller lights appropriate for motorcycles have never undergone such a process, and due to the size of the manufacturers making such lighting, most likely never will.

You can view HB 939 at the following link: