– Adopts several initiatives related to transportation and safety, including: (i) making it illegal to possess an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, (ii) requiring all passengers in a vehicle to wear safety belts, (iii) prohibiting the use of handheld personal communication devices, (iv) establishing a speed monitoring program in highway safety corridors that uses a vehicle sensor to take a picture of a vehicle traveling more than 10 miles over the speed limit, subjecting the driver to a monetary fine, and (v) allowing localities to lower the speed limit below 25 miles per hour in business and residential districts. The Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles will establish an advisory committee to oversee education and enforcement of policies such as the seatbelt and hands-free provisions. The bill also changes the vehicle inspection safety program to only require inspections of salvage vehicles that have been rebuilt for highway use, converted electric vehicles, and off-road motorcycles that have been converted to on-road use.

Introduced by L. Louise Lucas